Solar PV Maintenance

Solar PV systems require no maintenance on a day to day basis. Keeping a close eye on your system and the amount of electricity it’s generating (alongside the weather conditions) will familiarise you with what to expect and alert you to when something might be wrong. We recommend that all our clients take advantage of our remote monitoring services in order to guarantee your system is generating power as it should be.

Watt-NRG provide all customers with the option of an annual maintenance package in order to ensure their Solar PV system will perform to its optimum. Our Solar PV maintenance package and remote monitoring service are best enjoyed hand in hand to guarantee maximum yield and income from the 20 year life time of the Feed In Tariff.

The benefits of our Solar PV Maintenance package are as follows:

  • Clean Solar PV panels with the use of roof access equipment where required.
  • Clean Inverter(s) both externally and internally to maintain maximum efficiency.
  • Check function and performance of Solar PV System, inverter and the generation meter.
  • Check function of all isolator switches and breakers.
  • Visual inspection of all cables and connections wherever possible without roof access equipment.
  • Perform electrical safety tests on installation. 
  • Rectify any problems that are covered under warranty.
  • Provide service maintenance document.

Any faults identified, whilst carrying out inspection under a maintenance package, that are not covered by warranty will be chargeable and require the customers approval of costs before any such problems can be rectified.

The cost of our annual Maintenance Package varies depending on the size and complexity of your Solar PV system. Please Contact Us for a quotation for this service.

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Watt-NRG did a great job on our installation; they were prompt, tidy and efficient. After a year, the installation is out-performing the generation promises with no problems. Very pleased.