Residential PV - Why Solar?

Watt-NRG offer the supply and installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems to both domestic and commercial clients. With an extensive experience of product, design and installation methods we are able accommodate our customers should they require a Solar PV system installation on the smallest of domestic properties all the way through to maximising the solar benefits from large commercial and farming properties.

The comprehensive expertise and knowledge of Watt-NRG date back to the days before the Feed In Tariff had been introduced to the UK Solar market.

With the introduction of the Feed In Tariff in the UK back in April 2010 and constantly rising electricity costs Solar PV systems offer a great opportunity for dwellings of all sizes and function. Not only do Solar PV systems offer the owner green, renewable power for consumption within the property to which they are installed but they also offer lucrative financial returns.

Some of the great benefits of Solar PV systems include the following:

  • You earn income for every unit of electricity your system generates from the Feed In Tariff.
  • You earn income by selling any unused energy back to your utility company by exporting it to the grid. 
  • Save money on your electricity bill by using the free electricity that your system generates.
  • Better rate of return than bank savings accounts or ISAs.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by generating green, renewable energy.

Watt-NRG offer the complete package providing every new customer with a bespoke service to meet their individual requirements. We go beyond the design, implementation and installation of a Solar PV system by offering our clients with the option to Finance their investment. Our services don't end with the completed installation of a system, we also offer our customers after-sales management services such as Remote Monitoring guaranteeing your investment will generate the maximum yield and income over the 20 year life time of the Feed In Tariff.

Income Tax Exempt

The Feed In Tariff is income tax exempt for anyone using the majority of the energy in their own home.

Therefore, if your annual rate of return on a Solar PV system was going to be 11% but you were going to be paying 40% in tax (as you would on other income) then it is in effect worth 18% to you.

This is because to actually end up with, say, £1,000 as income after tax, you would have normally had to have earned £1,667. If you normally pay 20% in tax as a basis rate then a 11% return tax free is the equivalent of earning a 14% return on a taxable income.

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