The Installation Process

Once we have visited your property and provided you with a comprehensive written quotation that has met your approval, the installation of your Solar PV system can commence. The installation of a 3-4kW system will typically take two working days. The process is as follows:

  • An Energy Assessor will visit your property and carry out an energy assessment of your property to confirm what EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating your property will be issued once the proposed Solar PV installation has been completed.
  • If an EPC rating of D or higher is issued then Watt-NRG will go ahead with the installation of your Solar PV system. In the unlikely circumstance that an EPC rating of D or higher cannot be awarded then Watt-NRG will advise you as to how to meet the required rating. If you do not wish to go ahead with your installation at this point then you are welcome to cancel your order.
  • Watt-NRG will arrange for the appropriate scaffold to be erected that is required to carry out the installation. Required scaffold is included within the price for every quotation presented to our customers. There will not be an additional charge for this service.
  • Once the scaffold has been erect our MCS Approved installers will fix the Solar PV mounting system to the roof of your property by fixing components to the rafters within your roof. Our installers will ensure the weathproof integrity of your roof is maintained throughout the whole of this process.
  • The Solar PV panels are then bolted to the mounting system using clamps that match the frame colour of the panels in order minimise the aesthetic impact of the panels. The mounting system will be hidden underneath the panels and will not be seen once the installation is complete.
  • The Inverter will be installed either in the loft space of your property or next to the fuse board. The Inverter will be connected to the panels that have been fitted to the roof and also to the fuse board within your property. All required electrical components will be fitted at this point.
  • Once the installation is complete as above your Solar PV system will be tested and commissioned and it will now be producing electricity.
  • Watt-NRG will provide you with your MCS Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) required to claim your Feed In Tariff payments.
  • Watt-NRG will assist you with the process of registering for the Feed In Tariff payments for which you now qualify.

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Watt-NRG did a great job on our installation; they were prompt, tidy and efficient. After a year, the installation is out-performing the generation promises with no problems. Very pleased.