Is my roof suitable?

There are four key points to consider when planning the installation of a Solar PV system. Watt-NRG will assess your property and take each of the factors below into consideration when planning a proposed a Solar PV installation.

Which direction does your property face?

  • The direction that your property faces can affect the amount of sunlight that Solar PV panels receive once mounted to the roof. Any panels on your roof should face in a southern direction to receive the greatest amount of sunlight throughout the day. Although the panels are most efficient when facing south they are still very efficient when east and west facing. A roof facing south or as close to south as possible is beneficial.

What is the angle of your roof?

  • The pitch or angle of your roof can make a difference to the amount of sunlight a Solar PV system will receive throughout the day and therefore the amount of energy that can be generated.

How shaded is your roof?

  • Any shading on your roof area from chimneys, trees or surrounding properties will have a negative impact on the amount of energy your roof panels will be able to produce. Watt-NRG will work with you when planning the installation to avoid shading wherever possible.

What size is your roof?

  • The size of your roof will dictate the size of the Solar PV system that can be installed on you property. As a rule for you will require 6.6m² (22 sq ft) for every 1kW of PV panels you plan to install.

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