Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and control of Solar PV systems is essential in order to ensure your system is functioning to its full potential in order to maximise yield from your investment. Watt-NRG can remotely monitor your Solar PV system with real-time performance control in order to guarantee your system is functioning as it should be 365 days of the year. Investing in a Solar PV system offers the potential to make a great return on your investment while generating clean, green energy within your property.

Our remote monitoring services offer you the protection and piece of mind to guarantee that your Solar PV system is generating electricity day in, day out and thus guaranteeing that returns and savings made from the Feed In Tariff, exporting electricity to the grid and via self consumption within your property are maximised to their full potential.

Should your Solar PV system stop functioning for any reason, or should we notice a decline in the performance of your system Watt-NRG will contact you immediately in order to arrange for a qualified electrician to visit your property to analyse and resolve the issue.

Our remote monitoring services offers the following benfits to our customers:

  • Real-time monitoring of power, income, efficiency and CO2 savings.
  • A guarantee that your Solar PV system will be functioning to it's maximum capacity every day of the year.
  • Guarantee your Solar PV investment produces the maximum return upon investment possible.
  • Guarantee Feed In Tariff and Export Tariff payments are never missed as a result of a technical fault that results in under-performance of your system.
  • The piece of mind Watt-NRG will send a qualified electrician to your property to resolve an issue as soon as it arises.

The cost of our Remote Monitoring services vary depending on the size and complexity of your Solar PV system. Please Contact Us for a quotation for this service.

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Watt-NRG did a great job on our installation; they were prompt, tidy and efficient. After a year, the installation is out-performing the generation promises with no problems. Very pleased.