Commercial Price Guide

The below price guide is for information purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the final price provided in our written quotation. The below prices are provided as an indication of the average cost for the installation of a Solar PV system and provide a good indication of the financial outlay required and the financial returns made from such an investment. Solar PV installations require different installation materials and methods depending on their application and can therefore vary in price.

The price guide is based upon the government's standard assessment procedure for energy rating of buildings (SAP 2009). These calculations do not take into consideration the following factors that will potentially improve the return on investment and reduce the payback period of a Solar PV system:

  • Future cost increases for the rate at which electricity can be purchased from your energy supplier.
  • Self-consumption & export of electricity generated by a Solar PV system has been assumed at a 50/50 split. Most commercial properties will consume more of the electricity they generate when compared to what they export. As a result of the cost to import being much greater than the price paid on export, this will increase the financial return & reduce the payback on a Solar PV system.
  • The number of kWh produced per annum by each 1kW of Solar PV installed is based on a national average provided by SAP 2009 (858kWh) and in many circumstances this figure will exceed 1000kWh for installations carried out in the South of England. 
  • The Feed In Tariff and Export Tariff rates are indexed linked and will increase each year with the rate of inflation.

Price Guide Table

System Size 10 20 30 50 100 200
Roof Space Required
 65m2 130m2  195m2   325m2 650m2   1,300m2
All Inclusive Installation Price £16,000 £29,000 £41,000 £64,000 £115,000 £220,000
All Inclusive Price per kWh Installed
 £1,600 £1,450  £1,367  £1,280  £1,150 £1,100
Feed in Tariff Rate (per kWh Generated)
 14.5p  13.5p  13.5p   13.5p  11.5p 11p
Annual Generation (kWh)
 8,580  17,160  25,740  42,900 85,800 171,600
50% Consumed/Exported  4,290  8,580  12,870  21,450  42,900 85,800
Feed in Tariff Income £1,244.10 £2,316.60 £3,474.90 £5,791.50 £9,867.00 £18,876.00
Self-Consumption Saving (12p per kWh)  £514.80 £1,029.60  £1,544.40  £2,574.00 £5,148.00  £10,296.00
Income from Export to Grid (4.5p per kWh) £193.05  £386.10  £579.15 £965.25 £1,930.50  £3,861.00
Total Annual Financial Benefit
 £1,951.95 £3732.30 £5,598.45 £9,330.75  £16,945.50 £33,033.00
Annual Return (ROI)
 12.2% 12.9% 13.7% 14.6% 14.7% 15%
Payback Period (Years) 8.2 7.8 7.3 6.9 6.8 6.7
Total Financial Benefit of 20 Year FiT Lifetime £39,039  £74,646 £111,969 £186,615 £338,910 £660,660
















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