Eltek is a part of the Eltek Group and is a world leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion. As a global corporation, Eltek has customers in more than 100 countries across a variety of industries including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation and distribution, solar energy and electric vehicles. Eltek is a power pioneer with over 40 years experience helping customers save energy and money while reducing their environmental impact.

The efficiency of the THEIA HE-t inverter range is one of the highest amongst inverters of all types, and coupled with bespoke Maximum Power Point Tracking, extraordinary high yields, even under extremely fluctuating and dynamic irradiation conditions, are achieved. With early start-up and high efficiency at low irradiation, longer operation time and maximum energy harvest is ensured every day of the year.

  • Standard Product Warranty Period:
    10 years
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    Drammen, Norway
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Watt-NRG did a great job on our installation; they were prompt, tidy and efficient. After a year, the installation is out-performing the generation promises with no problems. Very pleased.