FAQ - Feed In Tariff

Will I be eligible for the Feed In Tariff?

Yes, Watt-NRG are approved MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) installers and therefore the installations we carry out are eligible for the FIT (Feed In Tariff) payments. For confirmation of our MCS certification please refer to the MCS database here.

How do I register my PV system for the Feed In Tariff?

Once we have installed your solar PV system we will register you on the central FIT database and you will then receive a certificate confirming FIT compliance. You must then inform your energy supplier that you are eligible to receive the FIT by providing them with the certificate and completing a form. Your supplier will then cross reference your installation with the central FIT database. Payments will then be made by your energy supplier at intervals to be decided between you and your supplier (normally every 3 months). You may be required to provide meter readings to your supplier if requested.

For how long is the Feed In Tariff paid and is it guaranteed?

From the date we register (normally the installation date) your PV System, you will be paid the Feed In Tariff for 20 years. The rate is guaranteed for 20 years and will be increased in line with the Retail Price Index.

Will I have to pay tax on Feed In Tariff payments?

Income earned from the Feed-In Tariffs is free of income tax for householders who install a PV system primarily for their own use on a domestic property. Companies are subject to Corporation Tax on their tariff income.

What happens to my Feed In Tariff payments if I move home?

Ownership of the PV system itself is linked to the site and, therefore, in the case where a building or home ownership changes, the ownership of the system would also transfer to the new owner meaning you would no longer be entitled to the FIT payments.

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