FAQ - After Sales & Maintenance

What happens to the Solar PV system if there is a power cut?

In most cases solar electricity systems for homes are entirely grid connected. If there is a power cut the solar electricity system is automatically switched off as a safety measure, designed to stop electricity leaking on to the national grid and to protect individuals who may be working to restore the power supply.

What if I need to expand the size of my Solar PV system in the future?

If your demand for electricity should increase in future years a Solar PV system can be expanded with the inclusion of additional panels although some other components of the original system may also need to be upgraded.

Does a PV system require regular maintenance?

PV systems are relatively maintenance free working day in, day out with no requirement for intervention by the owner. The PV panels are self cleaning, relying on rain to clean their glass face. It is, however, recommended to wash the panels once every five years in order to maintain the efficiency of every panel. It is also good practice to regularly check the energy meter on the system in order to guarantee the system is performing as it should be.

Watt-NRG offers the option of a monitoring service where by we monitor the performance of your PV system remotely. Should the performance of your system decline for whatever reason we will endeavour to diagnose the issue and fix the problem thus insuring your system is always performing to its maximum capacity. The cost of our annual maintenance service could be easily outweighed by the loss of Feed In Tariff returns as a result of an under performing system.

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