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  • Reduce your carbon footprint. . .

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  • and protect yourself from spiralling energy bills!

  • Feed In Tariff

    Feed In Tariff

    With recent price reductions in the cost of Solar PV components, solar installations are more affordable than ever and still offer returns of over 10%!

    A 4kW Solar PV system today costs the same as a 2kW system did two years ago! So you can make the same great returns and protect yourself from rising energy bills for half the financial outlay!

  • Energy Performance Certificate

    Free Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

    From the 1st April 2012, all properties will be required to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘D’ or above to qualify for the full Feed In Tariff rate.

    All customers who purchase a solar PV system from Watt-NRG will receive an energy assessment on their property and an EPC for FREE!

    For more information on energy assessment please click here >>

  • Green Finance

    Green Finance

    Watt-NRG offer our customers the most competitive & innovative finance packages on the market, allowing you to finance the installation of a Solar PV system without the expensive upfront cost! With finance options available for both residential & commercial customers, we build your finance package around your project's bespoke requirements.

    Click here for Personal Finance >>

    Click here for Commercial Finance >>

  • Remote MonitoringRemote Monitoring

    Our remote monitoring services offer you the protection and piece of mind to guarantee that your Solar PV system is generating electricity day in, day out and thus guaranteeing that returns and savings made from the Feed In Tariff, exporting electricity to the grid and via self consumption within your property are maximised to their full potential.

    Take advantage of our Remote Monitoring Service today >>

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Watt-NRG did a great job on our installation; they were prompt, tidy and efficient. After a year, the installation is out-performing the generation promises with no problems. Very pleased.